MVP Teases New Member Of The Hurt Business?

2 years ago by Nate Craver

MVP Teases New Member Of The Hurt Business?

The first night of the WWE Draft was a very eventful evening. Some surprising superstars were drafted by both brands. However, one group not moving is The Hurt Business.

MVP and his crew are staying put on Monday Nights. However, they may have their eyes on a new addition to the group.

Naomi was drafted to Monday Night Raw. She seems like a great fit and a lock to eventually feud with Asuka. Asuka wasn’t the only person taking notice of Naomi though.

MVP tweeted the following immediately after Naomi was selected:

Naomi has never had a real serious persona and to some degree, this may have held her back. Well, MVP tweeted the thinking emoji. Could he be thinking about adding the talented female to his group?

Personally, I think MVP working alongside Naomi would be fantastic for Naomi. There’s also this ongoing Feud with Retribution. Given Mia Yim is now the only female in the group, MVP will need someone to do battle with her. We’ll just have to see if it happens.

What do you think? Would Naomi make a great addition to the Hurt Business? Let us know on Twitter. 


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