Happy Corbin Says He Learned About WWE Name Change On Twitter

Happy Corbin Says He Learned About WWE Name Change On Twitter

Happy Corbin has recalled finding out about his new ring name, noting that he had read rumors about his name change on social media beforehand.

In June, WWE filed to trademark ‘Happy Corbin‘. Baron Corbin didn’t adopt this name on WWE TV until late August, after striking it rich at the casinos in Las Vegas.

On Out of Character, Corbin stated that he approached WWE about the name after reading about the trademark filing on Twitter. Corbin said that a few weeks later, WWE confirmed that ‘Happy Corbin’ would indeed be his new moniker.

Noting that WWE stars have to be able to work on the fly, Corbin said:

“I heard it actually on Twitter. They’re like, ‘ WWE just copyrighted Happy Corbin’ I was like, ‘What? That’s where we’re, what? So I was confused. I asked (and was told), ‘We don’t really know what you’re talking about.’ Then sure enough, a couple weeks later, they’re like, ‘Hey, your name’s…’ I was like, huh, so Twitter knew before I knew. I mean, that’s how you find out about a lot of stuff. It’s so funny. I have no idea.

“Same with my music, like I showed up to work, and they’re like, ‘Hey, we’re going to rehearse your entrance. I’m like, it’s no different. They’re like, ‘No. You got new entrance music. I was like, ‘Since when?!’ I had no idea. So, it’s just pretty funny. You have to be able to work on the fly a little bit.”

Earlier this year, Kofi Kingston shared a similar story, noting that he used to find out his WWE plans through social media.

Corbin is currently aligned with Madcap Moss, who is set to face Drew McIntyre at WWE Day 1 in January.

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