Name Change Confirmed For WWE SmackDown Star?

Name Change Confirmed For WWE SmackDown Star? WWE

It appears that a WWE SmackDown star may be undergoing a name change to coincide with an upcoming heel turn.

During tonight’s April 21 SmackDown while cutting a promo to kick off a feud with Shinsuke Nakamura, Karrion Kross outlined some of the other names he’s feuded with in recent months.

One of those was Madcap Moss, but interestingly, Kross specifically referred to him as ‘Riddick Moss’.

Moss’ real-life and on-screen girlfriend Emma has been referring to him as ‘Riddick’ on TV in recent weeks too.

Riddick Moss was of course his name in NXT before he joined the main roster in 2021 as the sidekick of Baron (Happy) Corbin.

Moss and Corbin separated a year ago with Moss turning babyface, but he’s kept the Madcap name ever since.

It might not be a big deal and maybe they’re just acknowledging that we’re not supposed to think Madcap is his real name, but if they are gonna change it, the timing would make sense right now.

That’s because the storyline right now is Emma trying to get Moss to stop listening to the fans and listen to her instead, which would, in effect, turn him heel.

With a heel turn would come a chance to reset again and completely distance Moss from his time as the comedy stooge with the silly ‘Madcap’ name, so everything lines up for it to be a logical change.

We’ll keep you updated if the change is made official.

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1 year ago by Liam Winnard


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