Nancy Benoit’s Sister Sandra Toffoloni Comes To Peace With Jordynne Grace

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Nancy Benoit’s Sister Sandra Toffoloni Comes To Peace With Jordynne Grace WWE

Nancy Benoit’s sister Sandra Toffoloni has come to peace with IMPACT Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace.

Last week, Jordynne Grace found herself in hot water on social media after tweeting about former WWE star Chris Benoit and suggesting he should “burn in hell”.

The tweet caused a lot of uproar from many people who were close to Benoit prior to his death, and Grace has since apologised for her comments, and has had conversations with Chris Benoit’s son David, Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Chris Jericho.

Toffoloni took exception to the conversation centering on what Chris Benoit did and not the life of her sister Nancy.

After talking with Grace about the situation and coming to peace, Toffoloni wrote the following thread:

Incoming Tweet I took some time and advice and contacted @JordynneGrace and she’s so genuine and kind. Forgiveness is sorta my wheelhouse (right? Lol) She made many attempts at donating to my foundation but I’ve politely declined. Her very sweet words were all I needed.

No, I’m not feuding with any one! It was Not the Tweet: Fan reactions knocked the wind out of me. @mexwarrior is an on point producer and my Mano @IAmJericho Imeancmon CJ is the best human on
I do apologize, I hit my limit on the old “What would Benoit be like…”chestnut.

The fundraiser got me feeling some kinda way. My feelings on CTE are well documented. It’s a factor, NOT a cause. Absolution is not a side effect of CTE. (Another time perhaps) But @JordynneGrace
is wonderful and as much as I hate to go, I’d go to an #IMPACT Show to cheer you on!

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