Natalya Fires Shots At Will Ospreay

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Natalya Fires Shots At Will Ospreay WWE/NJPW

A WWE star has fired shots at Will Ospreay after a recent promo.

Ospreay cut a promo directed at David Finlay on the NJPW G1 Climax 32 Night 9 on July 31 ahead of their D Block Match this week.

The current IWGP United States Champion mentioned Finlay’s training with Natalya and TJ Wilson in the rant, which has drawn the ire of the former SmackDown Women’s Champion.

In an in-character tweet, Natalya responded to Ospreay’s promo by writing:

Hello Bill. This is Bob. Natalya’s assistant. Natalya said she’d be happy to have you train at The Dungeon (invite only) where you can work on your in ring maneuvers. Leave the gymnastics for the trampoline park please. I’m off to my pottery class. And I don’t mean ceramics. Bye.

Pulling back a bit from her initial tweet, the WWE star wrote the following:

Bob. Please STOP. We love and respect @WillOspreay skills very much. He’s welcome to do moonsaults, dives and flippy stuff in The Dungeon any time he’d like. Also, instead of the word maneuvers, next time use “technique.” Thx. Bye.

Replying to Natalya’s tweets, Ospreay hilariously responded with:

Will her sister be there ?

Will Ospreay is currently 2-0 in the G1 Climax 32 tournament. He will face David Finlay on Night 10 on August 2.

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