Natalya Says Major Movie Star Wants Her To Costar In Movie

2 years ago by Nate Craver

Natalya Says Major Movie Star Wants Her To Costar In Movie

According to Natalya, Jason Momoa wants her to costar in the upcoming sequel to The Wrestler.  Natalya revealed this on the Total Divas bonus clip released on YouTube.

Jason Momoa starred in Game of Thrones and Aquaman.  He presumably would be playing the role of the wrestler in the movie.

This might be a surprise to a lot of people.  First, the fact there’s going to a sequel to the Wrestler is news.  An official announcement of this movie being made hasn’t happened.

Also, it might also be a surprise because no one has really ever accused Nattie of being an excellent actor.  She’s never been in a prominent role in a movie.  The Wrestler was critically acclaimed for its excellent acting.

Natalya says she would play his former love interest and would also get to wrestle a match in the movie.  However, she first had to figure out who Momoa was:

“Once I found out who Jason Momoa is, I’m like, ‘this is pretty cool.’ He’s a really big star. He’s an actor who has been on Game of Thrones, he was in that movie Aquaman. So, the fact that he is now interested in having me in the movie is huge.”

While all the action for the first movie was filmed ROH, WWE tried to cash in on the movie’s success.  Chris Jericho ultimately had an angle with the star, Mickey Rourke, where Rourke punched Jericho.

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