Natalya Thanks WWE Star For Incredible Jim Neidhart Art Tribute

3 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Natalya Thanks WWE Star For Incredible Jim Neidhart Art Tribute WWE

WWE star Natalya has thanked B-Fab for an incredible art tribute to her late father Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart.

Natalya took to Twitter to share a hand-drawn picture of her and her father. Expressing gratitude to B-fab, Natalya wrote:

“Such a special piece of art, drawn by hand with pencil. Thank you for this gift @TheVibeBri. It’s really priceless and so special to me.”

B-Fab replied to Natalya, tweeting:

“I am glad you love it! You both are so special to us all!”

Natalya and B-Fab have shared a number wholesome moments with one another.

Following B-Fab’s return to the ring in October, Natalya shared a heartwarming post about the returning star’s ‘comeback story’, writing:

“It’s crazy how life can throw you curve balls and you feel like your world is crumbling and then you get the chance to turn it all around and rediscover your passions all over again. There’s a comeback story in us all. @TheVibeBri”

After getting released by WWE in November 2021, B-Fab, Ashante Adonis and Top Dolla re-joined the company in August 2022, under the new Triple H regime.

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