Negative Impact Of Vince McMahon Retirement Won’t Be Felt For Months To Year Says Chris Jericho

7 months ago by Amanda Savage

Negative Impact Of Vince McMahon Retirement Won’t Be Felt For Months To Year Says Chris Jericho AEW/WWE

While the short term may yield gains in the “pros” column, Chris Jericho believes the “cons” of Vince McMahon retiring may come in the months ahead.

Recently the leader of the Jericho Appreciation Society, Chris Jericho, appeared on Swerve Strickland’s SwerveCity Podcast where he detailed pros and cons of Vince McMahon making a swift departure from WWE.

Jericho surmised that while the short term impact may be very positive, some of the drawbacks of being without their tenured leader may arise further down the road.

Jericho saying:

“I can go back working for him for 17-18 years. Obviously, there are Vince-isms and Vince-foibles that don’t make sense, but I did learn a lot about the psychology of the business and how to be a star, how to conduct yourself, how to be a true main eventer and money draw.

“I think the pros, if that’s the right word, the pros of Vince leaving WWE will be seen very quickly. There are a lot of changes right off the bat, very refreshing. Lots of in-ring time. The cons of Vince leaving won’t be felt for a few months, maybe more, six months, a year.”

Going on to explain, Jericho referenced Vince McMahon and his ability to be a visionary and guide talent to heights beyond expectation.

Jericho mentioning the two men in the main event for the upcoming WWE premium live event, Clash at the Castle, saying:

“There are a lot of things that Vince did, little things, and I know people bag on him for his recent booking, and obviously there was a habit he had, but the guys who are true main event stars are legit stars. Legit stars.

“You can spot them from a mile away. Look at the difference between Drew McIntyre now, prior to the last run he had. Vince worked with him to make him a top guy and top star. Same with Roman (Reigns).

“Completely different now than it was before he turned heel. Brock as a babyface, I can tell Vince worked with him as being a babyface. You can spot it. I can see it.”

Jericho currently has his own problems on his hands after last night’s (August 17) AEW Dynamite revealed cracks within his faction, the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Transcription via Fightful

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