New AEW Signing Confirmed

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

New AEW Signing Confirmed

The latest signing to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has been confirmed as announced by the talent themself during a recent interview.

Speaking in a Q&A with Pro Wrestling Junkies, Ivelisse revealed she has signed a contract with the promotion.

She said:

“Actually, since you asked – I haven’t been able to officially confirm anywhere yet, but I can confirm right now – and I asked if it was okay – that I am indeed signed to AEW. Honestly, when that moment came, it was very emotional for me. Through the last couple of years have been really tough for me for so many reasons. Number one, the Lucha Underground thing and being kept through our contracts and all of that.

“Once that was finally terminated, it took a while to regain that momentum that was kind of lost. That, and a combination of other things, and personal issues – things like that, so it was kind of a really dark time. Nothing came about of my WWE tryout, so when this AEW opportunity came about, I was just really happy. When the moment came that I heard the words, I got overwhelmed with emotion, especially because that was during the same week that the fire happened at my house. I was kind of at the end of my rope and it was hard for me to contain it. I’m just incredibly happy. I feel something that I haven’t felt in a really long time and that’s hope for the future, and I feel valued and a sense of security.”

Ivelisse has wrestled a number of times for AEW in recent months. She won the women’s tag team tournament alongside Diamante and has also challenged Thunder Rosa for the NWA Women’s Title on Dynamite.

That match brought up reports that the match broke down and the two women weren’t getting along too well. Regarding that match, Ivelisse said:

“I kind of expected this question to come up at some point. I’ve made it a point to not respond to it since the whole thing came up. I won’t comment much about it, but I will state obvious facts according to it. Whenever it comes to-pro wrestling, I’m obviously the vet within the equation, so that pretty much should say a whole lot to anyone that knows anything about pro-wrestling. They can put two and two together that me being the vet within the equation, and also with the fact that I don’t take people trying to disrespect me – with those facts, it’s kind of self-explanatory what happened, and anything that comes up along those lines.”

Quotes via Wrestling Inc


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