New Day Shoots Hard On “Trash” WWE Creative

New Day Shoots Hard On “Trash” WWE Creative

Giving New Day a podcast was always going to produce some controversial moments for WWE, and on the latest edition they shot hard on the company’s creative team.

Big E discussed how having more creative control instead of input from writers has helped their progression as a group:

“Getting the reigns off of us helped a lot. We have more creative control. That’s one of the things I’m thankful for. We don’t write our own promos, but we are given promos and oftentimes we are able to say ‘we don’t really care for this, so we’re not going to say that.’ So, we huddle in a room for an hour and come up with what we want to say. Our creative process is so fun and easy and organic. I don’t like when we have a writer. There’s three of us and we’ll have a writer in the room, just lingering. It’s always easier for the three of us to go into a room, sequestered, and just hash things out. We start popping ourselves and getting on a roll to make things more creative and more us. I don’t want to take shots at anyone, but if we read what was given to us on a regular basis….trash.”

Xavier Woods backed that up by adding that there’s not really anyone on the creative team who can relate to New Day and their experiences:

“There are certain situations where, if you have someone writing for you that doesn’t have similar life experiences or sense of humor, it’s harder for them to write in your voice. That’s something we ran into.”

Former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston spoke about how Vince McMahon trusts the group to just do their thing, even if he doesn’t necessarily get it:

“He Who Shall Not Be Named [Vince McMahon], talking about how much longer the leash got for us, oftentimes he would get the promo that we sent back and he’d read it and be like, ‘I don’t get it, but if they want to do it, just let them do it.’ He understood the fact that we know our characters well enough and we connect with the people. That’s all that he wants. To be able to gain that trust from him, now it’s like if anybody wants us to say something, I’m not gonna say it if I don’t want to say it. It takes people a while to get to that point.”

Also speaking about McMahon, Big E explained how important it is to form a relationship and bond with him in order to build that trust:

“When I think about the early parts of my career, I think about some promos I got that weren’t great. But I put some of the onus on myself because I don’t think I was ready at the time to deliver it in an entertaining fashion. I don’t want to put all the onus on creative for all these bad promos. I wasn’t a good promo early in my career. We all have to get better. A lot of guys just aren’t that good, talking-wise. One of the things I’m really grateful for, which was really frustrating at the time, was sitting outside the office of He Who Shall Not Be Named for weeks and weeks. But that helped build a rapport. So many people are so nervous to talk to him. You need to build a rapport. He respects passion. When you put your career on the line for this, it shows them, ‘they take this seriously.'”

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