New Details On WWE 2K22 MyFaction Mode

1 year ago by Liam Winnard

New Details On WWE 2K22 MyFaction Mode

New details have emerged regarding the MyFaction mode for WWE 2K22 that was first announced on November 18.

Smacktalks explained that the mode is WWE’s take on MyTeam in the NBA 2K series (similar to FIFA’s Ultimate Team).

It was said that:

“Players will be able to collect, manage and upgrade Superstars from every single era of the WWE, where they can then take them into battle in a host of new game modes and challenges.

“By playing matches, players can earn what is known as MyFaction Points, which is a currency that is used to purchase items within the mode, with 2K revealing plans to hold weekly events where players can earn additional rewards.

“2K have also noted plans to keep the mode up-to-date with regular updates, as they have planned to keep the game fresh all year long.”

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One of the things that has been met by concern regarding the WWE 2K22 MyFaction mode is that it could rely on in-game purchases to be able to compete with other players, which MyTeam and Ultimate Team are pretty heavy on.

On that topic, in a press call before the November 18 trailer was released, a 2K representative said:

“MyFaction exists as a single player game mode, it’s also the only mode in WWE 2K22 where purchasable virtual currency (VC) will come into play.

“It’s super important to note that VC does not offer any dort of competitive advantage or put players in a pay-to-win situation.

“The items you purchase with VC can also be purchased with MyFaction Points earned via gameplay.”

There is no confirmation as of yet whether the mode will be online or offline.

The original trailer showed what seemed to be two different four-man factions, one which was made up of The Miz, Drew McIntyre, Apollo Crews and MVP, and one made up of Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, and Rey & Dominik Mysterio. is keeping track of all roster members confirmed for the game with an ongoing list at this link.

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