New Faction Forms On AEW: Dynamite

3 years ago by Nate

New Faction Forms On AEW: Dynamite

PAC faced off with Chuck Taylor on AEW: Dynamite. Throughout the match, PAC had several encounters with Trent and Orange Cassidy.

Eventually, PAC would beat Taylor with the Brutalizer. He didn’t let go quickly and attacked after the bell. Trent jumped in to defend his best friend.

However, there was someone else who wanted a piece of PAC. Orange Cassidy pushed Trent aside and got in PAC’s face.

As the two were about to square off, Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix ran down to the ring. They Superkicked Cassidy.

Then the trio continued the attack. Eventually, PAC would grab a mic and introduce the trio as a new faction.

They will be called the Death Triangle or Triangulo de la Muerte. PAC says this is AEW’s fault and they won’t be blamed for the actions they’ll now take.

AEW has now found themselves with several 3 man groups on the roster. Jurassic Express, SCU, The Best Friend and Orange Cassidy, and now, Death Triangle.

Could we be seeing a Trio’s Title in AEW soon?

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