New Intercontinental Champion Crowned On WWE Raw

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

New Intercontinental Champion Crowned On WWE Raw

Just over three weeks after losing the Intercontinental Title to Finn Balor (via Lio Rush) at Elimination Chamber, Bobby Lashley has regained the championship.

Lashley defeated Balor in a singles match on Raw thanks to shenanigans from his hype man Lio Rush. With Balor in control, Rush began to furiously ring the bell and grabbed the IC title, telling Balor it did not belong to him.

When Rush jumped on the ring apron he was kicked off by Balor, who then proceeded the springboard into the ring towards Lashley. Unfortunately for the Irishman the distraction had allowed Lashley to recover enough to drill him with a spear to score the pinfall and become a two-time champion.

This continues WWE’s hot potato treatment of its secondary belts of late, something they had refrained from doing in recent years. Lashley’s win was the fourth IC title switch since December, with the previous three title runs lasting for around one month each.

It has been the same on SmackDown with the US Title, which has also changed hands four time since December.

Are all of these title changes overkill? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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