New Tag Team Forms On WWE Main Event?

5 months ago by SP3

New Tag Team Forms On WWE Main Event? WWE

It looks like a new tag team has been formed on the latest edition of WWE Main Event.

Since the retirement of Vince McMahon in July, WWE has experienced many changes to their management as well as the roster.

The overall booking of the company and its performers has changed before our eyes after Triple H took over as Head of Creative.

Various stars who weren’t getting television time have been getting increased focus and it has even spilled over to shows like WWE Main Event.

On the latest episode, Shelton Benjamin cut a passionate promo about the current status of his career directed at R-Truth, teasing the formation of a new tag team.

Ryan Pappolia of WWE’s The Bump took to Twitter to praise Benjamin on his promo, tweeting:

This is an absolute MUST WATCH from Shelton on Main Event.

His raw honesty is heartbreaking & motivational at the same time.

For 20 years, I’ve believed Shelton is capable of literally anything in a ring. He still is.

Can’t wait to watch him prove it.
@Sheltyb803 @RonKillings

Both stars compete on the Raw brand and should be interesting to see if this new pairing arrives on Monday nights.

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