New Tag Team Name Revealed On WWE SmackDown

New Tag Team Name Revealed On WWE SmackDown

Last week on WWE SmackDown, King Corbin faced off with Buddy Murphy. Based on the interference from the week before, he promised to have some back-up. That back-up came in the form of Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler.

Previously, the two wrestlers and Jaxson Ryker were known as The Forgotten Sons. Now, the duo has a new name. They are now known as The Knights of the Lone Wolf.

Cutler and Blake appeared in a backstage segment with Corbin tonight. They had new shirts and seemed to be running security detail for Corbin.

They had a metal detector with them. Before she was allowed to interview Corbin, Blake and Cutler scanned her with the detector.

It looks like Corbin may finally have found some guys who may be permanent fixtures in his mid-card vortex. Corbin certainly is a high profile star than their previous 3rd man. This seems like a win-win for all parties.

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4 years ago by Nate


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