New WWE Signing Debut Plans Update

New WWE Signing Debut Plans Update WWE

An update has emerged on the potential WWE debut date for Giulia, who just suffered an injury at Rossy Ogawa’s Marigold Fields Forever.

It had initially been reported that WWE was aiming for NXT Heatwave on July 7 as her debut date in a match against current NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez.

Due to the injury, there’s been speculation as to whether that date could be pushed back.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer provided an update on Giulia from what he’s heard, writing:

Giulia, Marigold’s top star, is WWE-bound and the hope from Marigold is that on their four major PPV shows per year, that they could get Kairi Sane and/or IYO SKY, or perhaps others, as special guests. But at this point there is nothing scheduled.

Giulia is the group’s top star, and she is only here for a few months to launch the promotion before all her paperwork is done and she and her family move to Florida. The hope is also that she could come back to work the major Marigold shows.

There have been reports that Giulia starts on 7/20 in Toronto, facing Roxanne Perez for the NXT title.

We had been told before she was hurt, from those in Japan who know her, that she was not starting in WWE that soon. Marigold is also of that belief. Time will tell. Those close to her also say she will not be starting that soon, and all the necessary paperwork for her, her mother and her boyfriend who are moving with her to Florida, has to be completed for her to be in NXT full-time.

However, since the show is in Canada, not the U.S., the visa restrictions aren’t there so from a legal standpoint she could do the show.

Wrestlers are told to lie to almost everyone about their WWE start dates by WWE management and while not applicable, in the past have even been told that if the date gets out or word gets out that they signed before WWE gives them the okay, that they could rescind the deal (I’m not aware this has ever happened but literally at least a dozen times with people I know when I’ve found out they are going to WWE, almost all still will deny it).

When she was asked about that date, she laughed and said it wasn’t accurate. Those in WWE at this point who in theory would know, and in theory could but probably wouldn’t know, all only said that they had heard nothing about her start date.

Corey Brennan of Fightful, who had reported the initial Heatwave date, has provided further insight into the Giulia situation, responded to Meltzer’s report by stating:

“A few things on this.

“Those I’ve spoken to in Japan believe that she will begin in NXT as an attraction before officially starting when they announce the next PC class. She will continue to work Marigold simultaneously with WWE.

“Before her injury, it was the TARGET by WWE, but was dependent on Giulia’s Marigold dates. It still is.

“When I asked about Visa issues, I was told the same thing about Heatwave taking place in Canada.”

Whenever Giulia does start with WWE, she has already impressed those backstage with her attitude during WrestleMania 40 weekend in April 2024.

WrestleTalk will continue to provide updates on Giulia as they develop.

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