News On Which Brand Kevin Owens Will Join Upon Return

4 years ago by Andy Datson

News On Which Brand Kevin Owens Will Join Upon Return

For the past few weeks on Raw and SmackDown, we’ve been getting cellphone promos from Kevin Owens with updates on his imminent return to the ring.

When he left for double knee surgery towards the end of 2018, Owens was a member of Raw, but cagesideseats are now reporting that Owens is expected to join SmackDown Live upon his return.

Dave Meltzer reported last week on Wrestling Observer Radio that he think WWE may be setting Owens up for a match with Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship. His reasoning for this is that Owens’ promos have all had him eating pizza, drinking soda and being generally unhealthy, something Bryan in his new eco-warrior gimmick is very against.

Both men are magic on the mic, and it’s possibly the most 2019 feud we could ever see if it is the route WWE are planning on.

The exact date for his return is not yet known, but with Fastlane just around the corner and just over a month until WrestleMania, a Kevin Owens return is something we should be seeing very soon.

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