Next Celebrity To Work With WWE Revealed?

5 months ago by Ryan Coogan

Next Celebrity To Work With WWE Revealed? WWE

Triple H teamed up with rapper Post Malone on an unexpected collaboration recently, as the two made a video for the musician’s social media.

Malone is the latest name in a number of mainstream celebrities to work with WWE in a list that includes fellow musician Bad Bunny, social media influencer Logan Paul, and Jackass star Johnny Knoxville.

The rapper posted a video of the two on his TikTok account, showing the pair imitating Triple H’s famous “water spit” entrance.

In the video, Triple H can be seen instructing Malone on how to spit the water to create the desired effect, and then counting him down before the two perform it together.


triple h 😳

♬ original sound – Post Malone

At the time of writing, the video has close to 300,000 likes and 3,300 shares.

Popular TikTok user Loveless commented on the video, saying “also triple h being an absolute gem letting you go first.”

Whether this is the first of many collaborations between the musician and WWE remains to be seen.

Logan Paul is currently preparing for a high-profile match. The influencer will challenge for Roman Reigns’ Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Crown Jewel on November 5.

Triple H recently met with Bad Bunny to discuss a potential WWE return, following his in-ring showings at WrestleMania 37 and Royal Rumble 2022.

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