Nia Jax Reveals Real Reason She Was Let Go From WWE

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

Nia Jax Reveals Real Reason She Was Let Go From WWE

Nia Jax’s 90-day non-compete clause expires today (February 2), making her officially able to sign wherever she wants.

Nia was a recent guest on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast, where she spoke about the day she received her release from WWE.

Nia states that John Laurinaitis called her and told her it was due to ‘budget cuts’, at which point Nia offered to take a pay cut, before Laurinaitis confirmed that it wasn’t just a budgetary reason.

She said:

“Just because I knew it was a script. And he was like, ‘that’s not it’. And I was like, ‘oh, so you just want a total different change’. And he said, ‘yeah that’s it we’re going to put you on your 90 days.’ I hung up the phone and I was relieved.”

Nia continued on, revealing that she did not receive her COVID-19 vaccination, claiming that it was a personal choice, but Vince McMahon told her that she would not be able to fulfill her contractual duties if she didn’t get it. She understood it was a business decision.

Nia spoke about how she was asked to be a locker room leader and ‘set an example’ by getting vaccinated, but she didn’t want to serve as a ‘stooge’ to the company, and do something that she didn’t want to do to appease them.

She said:

 “It was a personal choice. I got caught up in the blurred lines of Nia Jax… I can’t be something they want me to be just to appease them. At the end of the day am I going to feel good about myself? There’s plenty of other stooges in the locker room.”

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