Nick Aldis Discusses His Relationship With AEW’s Tony Khan

Nick Aldis Discusses His Relationship With AEW’s Tony Khan NWA

Nick Aldis, currently suspended by NWA, has discussed his relationship with AEW’s Tony Khan over the years.

Speaking to Nick Hausman, Wrestling Inc’s Senior Editor, Aldis said:

“Well, I thought that it was well known at this point that I had talked to [AEW CEO Tony Khan] very early on, and there’s a lot more to it than people know.

“But essentially, I wanted to go (to AEW), but I also wanted to wait until I had got the NWA to a point where I felt like they could function effectively.

“And by the time that came around, again, the relationship between Tony and Billy had changed.

“And I probably should have reached out sooner and had my own direct communication, instead of trusting what was being told to me about what was potentially coming up down the road.

“I’ll just say that.”

Having appeared at All In in 2018, the show that would lead to AEW, Aldis hasn’t featured in Khan’s projects since, saying of their relationship:

“We’ve had one conversation, a lengthy one, and I thought that it was a good one, and we’ve had no more communication since then.”

Recently it was reported that Nick Aldis and Mickie James could be heading up a relaunched WOS Wrestling in the UK.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.


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11 months ago by Dave Adamson


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