Nick Khan Explains Why It’s So Difficult To Create New WWE Stars In 2022

12 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Nick Khan Explains Why It’s So Difficult To Create New WWE Stars In 2022 WWE

WWE President Nick Khan has explained why it’s now more difficult to create WWE stars in 2022.

Speaking on The Town podcast, Khan argued that potential prospects now have so many other avenues to pursue, using the example of Logan Paul, who makes his wrestling debut this weekend, but has already mastered content creation, and ventured into professional boxing.

Khan said:

“It’s definitely more difficult. Let’s look at Logan Paul, who is wrestling a match for us this weekend along with The Miz. If you look at Logan Paul, if YouTube and the social media platforms didn’t exist, let’s say its 15 years ago, could he have been the next big WWE Superstar? Sure, but he figured out a way to make a ton of money without having to go do that.

“We’ve made a massive pivot. We came to him. It used to be, you’d get boxers on the downside of their career; Joe Lewis, Muhammad Ali, coming to wrestling. Now you’re getting them on the upside; Floyd Mayweather, 15 years ago, Tyson Fury a few years ago. I think the athletes see the benefit of our platform, but in terms of creating new, full-time stars, we’ve completely shifted our recruiting efforts.”

In 2021, WWE transitioned from recruiting experienced wrestlers, to hiring young athletes to train at the WWE Performance Center. The company held a collegiate athlete exclusive WWE tryout earlier this week.

Logan Paul teams with The Miz to battle The Mysterios on tonight’s show.

Check out the full cards for WrestleMania Saturday here, and WrestleMania Sunday here.

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