Nick Khan Addresses Idea That WWE Stars Want To Be Paid More

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

Nick Khan Addresses Idea That WWE Stars Want To Be Paid More WWE

While the dust is still settling on the announcement of Endeavor’s purchase of WWE, there have naturally been a lot of questions regarding perhaps the most eye-catching aspect of the deal, that being the planned merger between WWE and UFC.

UFC President Dana White has both hailed the merger while also distancing his company’s product from WWE’s by stating there will be no crossover between the two.

However, while the on-screen products may not be intertwining, will the merger perhaps also influence both companies to adopting a similar approach to talent contracts and pay?

UFC’s issue with fighter pay has been addressed recently by YouTuber and pro-boxer Jake Paul who responded to the news of WWE and UFC’s upcoming merger with a tweet saying:

“UFC + WWE makes too much sense. Great path to increasing fighter pay.”

However, while the two companies will soon be under the same umbrella according to WWE CEO Nick Khan, the UFC’s payment practices will remain separate to that of WWE despite the merger, with Khan noting that it was not any of their business what Dana White does in that respect.

Speaking on Lightshed Live, Khan would then address the pay of WWE’s contracted talent:

“In terms of our performers, we think a lot of them are well compensated. Certainly, all talent wants to be paid more. Management wants to try and manage those costs. Each individual deal is unique in and of itself.

“We’re confident with our position in the marketplace in terms of our WWE superstars. Depending on what the rights fees increases on the media right, we expect a lot of that to drop to the bottom line.”

Thankfully, as of yet, there have not been any talent cuts, however, WWE do seem to be in the middle of an unofficial ‘hiring freeze’ according to Fightful Select (subscription required), with no main roster talent hires being made thus far in 2023.

Nick Khan also commented on potential WWE cuts, which you can read more about right here.

Transcript courtesy of Fightful.

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