Recently Signed AEW Name Open To Wrestling At All In

1 month ago by Connel Rumsey

Recently Signed AEW Name Open To Wrestling At All In AEW

Former ROH World Champion and WWE announcer Nigel McGuinness is officially All Elite, being announced as a signing for AEW earlier this month.

McGuinness has been retired from the ring for many years, with many fans speculating that he could return to the ring for either AEW or ROH in the future.

With AEW bringing All In to Wembley Stadium in August, that would certainly  be a fitting event and venue for McGuinness to return to the ring.

Speaking to Digital Spy, McGuinness was asked what it would take for him to consider having another match, and if Wembley Stadium would be the venue for it.

He said:

“It’s certainly the event and perhaps a final chapter to my career, to my journey, so Wembley Stadium certainly springs to mind.

“There are a number of factors, I’m an age now and at a place in my life where I certainly don’t want to harm the rest of my life. I don’t want to get any injuries or anything serious that’s going to impinge my ability to enjoy my life as a parent or to travel. So that’s certainly a concern.

“You’ve also got to understand that at a show like Wembley, there are so many guys that are super talented and deserve those spots as well, so to take one of those spots for myself I think would be pretty hard.

“I think if we sell the place out, maybe I’ve got no argument but to go dust the boots off, but it’s so many things, it’s the event, it’s the opponent, it’s the timing and it’s hard to know. I cannot give you a definitive in that regard.”

McGuinness has not wrestled since December 2011.

He appeared alongside Tony Khan and Adam Cole to make the announcement of AEW All In coming to Wembley Stadium in August, his first official appearance as an AEW roster member.

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