Nikki Bella Furious With Bianca Belair SummerSlam Loss (Video)

2 years ago by Connel Rumsey

Nikki Bella Furious With Bianca Belair SummerSlam Loss (Video)

In one of the most talked about moments on last night’s SummerSlam show, Becky Lynch made her return to WWE after a 16 month absence, and defeated Bianca Belair to capture her fourth SmackDown Women’s Championship.

The decision was very polarising amongst fans, with some happy to see Becky back, and others that felt like Bianca shouldn’t have been beaten quickly.

One person who falls into the latter camp is Nikki Bella, who pulled no punches when she was asked about what her favourite moment at SummerSlam was. She said:

“I can tell you what wasn’t my favorite moment. It was when (Bianca) lost. That definitely was not my favorite moment and I don’t know if I actually had a favorite moment…I’ve always backed the women and I’m always for the women and you have someone like Bianca, who is such an incredible talent and you can’t help but get frustrated when you see moments like that of a championship that meant so much and was lost within seconds. I have to admit for this SummerSlam, there truly wasn’t anything that was my favorite.”

You can listen to Nikki’s comments below.

Bella took to her Instagram before the show, noting that she was not allowed to attend SummerSlam, though did not give a reason as to why.

Bianca herself was asked about the match during the SummerSlam after party, stating that she was motivated to get her title back from Lynch.

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