Nix Jax Hits Out At Fan Criticism Over Her Weight

Nix Jax Hits Out At Fan Criticism Over Her Weight

Nia Jax has responded to a supposed ‘fan’ on Twitter (in a tweet that has since been deleted, along with the user’s account) calling her out about her weight and labeling her unhealthy.

Jax posted the following in response to the criticism:

“Nobody is telling anyone to be OK with it. Not everyone has the same DNA. Yes, I struggle with my weight, but I constantly work out, go to the doctor for regular check ups, I am a VERY healthy athlete. My job requires me to be! People have their own health journey, don’t judge.”

Quite right.

This is not the first time Jax has been moved to respond to trolls on social media giving her a hard time about how she looks. Last year she responded to that in a very positive way by posting a picture of herself on Instagram wearing a bathing suit and embracing her curves. The decision to post the picture was one she called “very hard” for her, but one she went through with as part of her determination to have a “body positive” mindset.

Jax has previously been open about discussing her size, noting that upon telling coaches at the WWE Performance Center she wanted to shed some pounds, she was advised against it. In an interview with 101WKQX, Jax says she was told:

“The reason why we wanted you and the reason that makes you so special is that you are bigger than everybody; that makes you stand out above the rest, and it actually helps the dynamic of matches out here.”

No matter what you think of Nia as a performer on WWE television or her abilities in the ring, it is always worth remembering that there is a real human being behind the character and using online platforms to insult and abuse that person is deplorable behaviour.

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