NJPW Announces 2 Massive Stadium Events

2 years ago by Tempest

NJPW Announces 2 Massive Stadium Events

New Japan Pro Wrestling presented their 49th Anniversary show last night. During the event, they made a major announcement. For the first time in 16 years, the promotion will be returning to the Tokyo Dome outside of January. Additionally, they also announced that an event will take place in Yokohama Stadium for the first time ever.

New Japan announced that Wrestle Grand Slam will take place on May 15 in Yokohama Stadium and on May 29 in the Tokyo Dome. Here is the full statement the promotion released today:

“In a huge announcement during March 4’s Anniversary Event, it was revealed that NJPW action will hit Yokohama Stadium on May 15 and the Tokyo Dome on May 29 for Wrestle Grand Slam.

The announcement marks NJPW’s first Tokyo Dome event outside of January in 16 years, and the first time ever NJPW will come to Yokohama Stadium.

After the success of Summer Struggle in Jingu Stadium in 2020, New Japan Pro-Wrestling action will be in an open air baseball stadium once more for what is sure to be a historic event, and that before our return to the Tokyo Dome!

What major matches will be coming this May? Stay tuned for details!”

While nothing has been officially announced, May is typically when New Japan holds their Best of the Super Juniors tournament. Whether or not any matches from the tournament will take place on these shows remains to be seen.

We will provide any updates on the events as soon as more information becomes available.

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