Backstage Tension Over WWE Signings?

3 weeks ago by Jamie Toolan

Backstage Tension Over WWE Signings? WWE

Amid Triple H’s re-signing spree in late 2022, the surprising returns of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson would cause a significant stir between WWE and Japanese powerhouse New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The controversy surrounding the signing of the Good Brothers came largely due to Anderson still carrying the NJPW NEVER Openweight Championship upon his arrival back in WWE.

While the two parties developed some form of working agreement surrounding the situation, what would cause a wedge between the companies was the arranged date for Anderson to defend and drop his title.

WWE’s booking of Anderson for a match at November 5’s Crown Jewel on the same day as his planned match at NJPW’s Battle Autumn would cause a lot of headaches for NJPW in particular, something that current NJPW star and office rep Rocky Romero would detail on an appearance on the Comedy Store Wrestling Podcast.

Romero detailed the backstage drama of the situation and how WWE’s Chief Content Officer Triple H would handle the situation.

Romero stated:

“Yeah, (there was) definitely a lot of tension.

“Knowing where everybody stood, and obviously trying to stay true to our partners (at) AEW. Obviously, their major competitor is WWE, right?

“So I’m trying to navigate the waters, and stay neutral in some position, also knowing it was important to get the Good Brothers, especially Karl Anderson, back to New Japan so he could defend the title…It was super stressful in the beginning.

“I had some conversations with some people in WWE I’d never had (talks with) before, some very important people, to get that done. And I gotta say, Triple H was super cool in the whole situation.”

Anderson would eventually drop his championship to Tama Tonga at WrestleKingdom 17 on January 4, something that Romero would reveal his appreciation for from both Anderson and Triple H saying:

“He didn’t have to do that, and I don’t think the Good Brothers had anything in writing that they necessarily had to do that.

“I think Triple H, just kinda respecting what New Japan is and having respect for the culture, and having respect for the wrestling business in general, was really open to working it out.”

Gallows, Anderson, AJ Styles and ‘Michin’ Mia Yim were all drafted to SmackDown during the first night of the WWE Draft.

Transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc

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