NJPW Star Claims ‘S**t Stirrers’ In WWE Won’t Listen To Him

3 months ago by Dave Adamson

NJPW Star Claims ‘S**t Stirrers’ In WWE Won’t Listen To Him WWE/NJPW

Having described two WWE stars as “s**t stirrers” a prominent member of the NJPW roster has spoken about them in more detail.

The Bullet Club has had an expansive roster of members since its inception in 2013, with Karl Anderson being a founding member of the faction.

Returning to WWE in 2022, it looked like Anderson and Luke Gallows might no longer be involved in the faction, though recent reports have suggested a thawing in the working relationship between WWE and other companies.

Anderson was confirmed to be wrestling at an NJPW show on December 14 2022 and will wrestle at Wrestle Kingdom in January 2023.

The leader of Bullet Club, Jay White, recently spoke to the subject of Gallows & Anderson in an interview with Fightful.

Having labelled the pair “s**t stirrers” as a term of endearment, White went on to praise the pair further, saying:

“Some people, they like to stay a little bit narrow-minded and just like to look at some things and complain.

“They don’t realize that the things they have and love in wrestling, they wouldn’t have it without the likes of Karl Anderson and Gallows.”

Looking at their current situation in WWE as part of The OC with AJ Styles (himself a former member of Bullet Club), the question of Mia Yim being a member came up.

Addressing this, White said:

“They don’t really need to run too much s**t by me.

“Are they really going to listen to me in terms of something like that? Probably f**king not.”

“Do they listen to many people? Probably f**king not.

“With things like this, if it’s working, you guys go do your thing.

“Too sweet, boys.”

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 17 will, if all goes to plan, see current AEW and WWE stars compete on a New Japan show for the first time, a situation that Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer referred to as “very unusual”.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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