NJPW Star KENTA Agrees With Recent Criticism Of CM Punk

NJPW Star KENTA Agrees With Recent Criticism Of CM Punk AEW

NJPW star KENTA has agreed with Bobby Fish’s recent criticism of CM Punk.

In an interview with NBC Sports Boston, Fish discussed his legitimate heat with Punk, calling the former AEW World Champion a ‘c**t’. Briefly touching on CM Punk using KENTA’s finisher, Fish said:

“I’m working for AEW, they’re paying my check, you ask me to put my shoulders down for Phil Brooks, I go out and do it. Interestingly enough, there was a little whatever in the match we had, and Phil was…after the match, Phil was a c**t.

“Frankly, as a martial artist, I went out and laid my shoulders down for you, you should be grateful that I did because on national TV, if I decided that I wanted to f**king Haku your ass, I could have because you’re that little of a threat in my world.

“I’m not Jon Jones or Anderson Silva, but I’ve been doing martial arts long enough to where I can hold you like a wet nap Phil Brooks. For you to be c**ty after, for a mistake you made, it doesn’t wear well.

“Not to mention, the move he finished me with, it’s not his, it’s KENTA’s. Phil, you took a man’s finishing move. Anyone who knows pro wrestling knows that’s f**ked up. You weren’t even decent enough to change the name.”

You can read Fish’s full comments right here.

KENTA has now shared this quote on Twitter with the caption:

Hey Bobby. You are 100% right.

KENTA has commented on Punk using the GTS on numerous occasions since Punk’s return to the ring in 2021. Many had speculated that KENTA was going to face Punk at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door. While Punk was pulled from the event due to injury, AEW and NJPW had seemingly set up a CM Punk vs Hiroshi Tanahashi main event for the June 26 show.

It is believed that Punk is currently suspended, following his verbal tirade and alleged involvement in a backstage fight following All Out. He recently underwent surgery for a tricep injury, and is expected to be out of action for a number of months.

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