Backstage Reaction To Mercedes Moné In Japan

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Backstage Reaction To Mercedes Moné In Japan NJPW

With Mercedes Mone’s next New Japan Pro Wrestling appearance confirmed, a report has revealed how she’s been received in her new home.

Mone may no longer hold the IWGP Women’s Championship, but her NJPW/Stardom journey is far from over with her next appearance already confirmed.

As for her reception in Japan, Dave Meltzer spoke on the topic on Wrestling Observer Radio, saying:

“She was very well received backstage.

“She’s really trying to fit in. No complaints about doing the job (losing the match) here. No ‘big league’ or whatever, she did not act like ‘I’m a big (star)’.

“A lot of times when American stars come to Japan, they act like they’re big stars. Less now, but in the old days it was pretty prevalent. And she had none of that.

“She’s worldwide more famous than any of these women, but she did not come across like that at all. Very, very well received.”

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The former Sasha Banks has previously spoken about her reasons for choosing to wrestling in Japan.

She has also revealed the creative freedom she now enjoys over her time in WWE.

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