NJPW President Departure Is “Good News” For Potential AEW Relationship

2 years ago by Andy Datson

NJPW President Departure Is “Good News” For Potential AEW Relationship

Earlier this week, it was revealed that NJPW President Harold Meij would be stepping down from his role on October 23 after two-and-a-half years in the role.

Meij has been a highly controversial figure during his time with New Japan, largely due to the way he handled non-Japanese talent, many of whom decided to leave Japan and join AEW, as they felt their loyalty to the promotion was not being reciprocated.

However, he was also responsible for a massive increase in revenue for NJPW, which was helped by his decision to hold Wrestle Kingdom over two nights instead of one earlier this year. The revenue received for the two-night show has been critical for NJPW’s survival during the pandemic.

According to a Wrestling Observer Insider, Meij was basically let go as they needed to cut a big salary, and that there had been heat on Meij ever since he was unable to keep Kenny Omega in the company.

And speaking of Omega, the general feeling right now is that while AEW doesn’t know a lot about Meij’s replacement, Takami Ohbari, the departure of Meij is good news for a potential working relationship between NJPW and AEW.

From the Observer:

“No idea (regarding opening up the business relationship with Meij out),” said one of AEW’s top names. “We want to. But he (Meij) was an idiot when it came to understanding the business. Hopefully things will change now.”

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