NJPW Star Great-O-Khan Saves Girl From Abduction, Receives Letter Of Appreciation

NJPW Star Great-O-Khan Saves Girl From Abduction, Receives Letter Of Appreciation NJPW

In some good news from the world of wrestling, NJPW star Great-O-Khan received a letter of appreciation from the Nakahara police for recently saving a girl from abduction.

O-Khan passed by a restroom at the JR Musashi Kosugi Station in Kawasaki City at 8:59 PM on March 29, 2022, where he saw an intoxicated man harassing a girl and grabbing her shoulders. The girl told him to stop and asked for help. O-Khan then grabbed the man with one hand and put a stop to the incident. He reportedly calmed the girl down by talking about pancakes and telling her he was from NJPW.

Speaking on the incident, Great-O-Khan said:

Don’t do such a big deal. It happened to happen near me. It’s something I do every day to take down a man. Instead, the little child looked at me and said, ‘Help.’ […] New Japan Pro-Wrestling has the rules of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and society has the rules of society. I am fighting after observing my rules. This time, I followed the rules of society and kept my justice. Until then, my way of life will not change. I will continue to slaughter wrestlers from tomorrow, and if anyone asks for help, I will generously lend a hand, because it will expand the territory of the empire. I wouldn’t be a person who would normally give my name, and I wouldn’t receive it, but I thought that if I received it, I would spread the awareness of crime prevention, so I decided to ask for it. It would be more valuable than a championship belt.

Always nice to write about a good deed in this world.

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