NJPW Wrestle Kingdom Update Following COVID-19 Concerns In Japan

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom Update Following COVID-19 Concerns In Japan

NJPW commentator Kevin Kelly spoke on Wrestling Observer Radio today and provided an update on the status of Wrestle Kingdom 15.

This comes after concerns in Japan that there could be a state of emergency which led many to believe the event could have ended up being affected.

Kelly said:

“No more news today. It’s not going to affect the event itself. Wrestle Kingdom will happen, regardless of whether or not there is a state of emergency. The only question is would fans be allowed to attend. There was already going to be a limited number. We haven’t heard today – well I haven’t heard – what is the latest with that. But best case scenario it happens with the limited number of fans, worst case scenario it still happens but no fans are allowed to attend.”

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Dave Meltzer noted that the Japanese authorities are expected to make an announcement on Monday.

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