NJPW’s Jay White Names New Bullet Club Era

9 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

NJPW’s Jay White Names New Bullet Club Era NJPW

NJPW’s Jay White has commented on the recent additions to the Bullet Club faction, believing that the group has entered a new era.

At Wrestling Dontaku, Juice Robinson revealed that he had officially joined Jay White’s stable. Then at the Best of the Super Juniors final event, Ace Austin sided with El Phantasmo, Chase Owens and Bad Luck Fale.

Bullet Club original Tama Tanga was recently ejected from the group in March, along with Tanga Loa and Jado.

Speaking with NJPW, White noted that he planned to build Bullet Club ahead of his IWGP World Heavyweight Title bout at NJPW Dominion:

“I’ve been building BULLET CLUB to the fullest height of what it can be, and that’ll culminate at Dominion. Then I’ll take the title back home to America, walk into Forbidden Door and show the world who the best wrestler on the planet is.

“This is just a recipe for success. Tama Tonga liked to talk about different eras in BULLET CLUB. Now that we have the Good Brothers back, Rock Hard Juice Robinson, everything they bring to the table? You can say this is the ‘get paid era’ for BULLET CLUB.”

When asked what Ace Austin brings to the table, White said:

 Prestige! That’s the X Division Champion. When I was in IMPACT I could see the potential in him, and the sky’s the limit. So with him and Chris Bey, and the Good Brothers running things in IMPACT? Like I said, it’s a recipe for success. That’s why I’m the Catalyst of Professional Wrestling, because I can make these things happen across all these different companies. Nobody could even imagine what I’m doing now.

Check out the full card for Sunday’s NJPW Dominion event right here.

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