‘Nobody Knows Anything’ Regarding Young Bucks & Kenny Omega AEW Returns

5 months ago by Dave Adamson

‘Nobody Knows Anything’ Regarding Young Bucks & Kenny Omega AEW Returns AEW

The ongoing fallout from the AEW All Out media scrum continues to be felt by the company as they attempt to navigate the issues of the behaviour of its employees.

Having already suspended CM Punk, Young Bucks, Ace Steel and Kenny Omega whilst investigation that incident that took place on September 4, more details of the return of these valuable members of AEW has been revealed.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer explained that there’s still confusion over the whole affair, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio:

“People are sitting here every week, you got people who think it’s a work, but they’re not told anything different because the company hasn’t said anything.”

The confusion isn’t just felt by those on the outside of the situation, with Meltzer going onto to state that:

“Nobody knows when they’re coming back, including the people who are on suspension. Nobody knows anything of what’s going on.”

Even with a recent thinly-veiled reference to the situation by Adam Page on AEW Dynamite was met with criticism by Meltzer, who said:

“Adam Page made a reference, these guys are coming back this week. Maybe it’s a hint.’ But nobody knows.”

The book, obviously, stops with Tony Khan, who could comment on the matter with the same volume that he speaks on many topics during his media appearances, but Meltzer rightly states:

“I mean, at some point it’s ridiculous and you know, right there [Ariel Helwani interview], Tony Khan has the chance, he was asked, and he could have said something like “we don’t know when we’re gonna bring them back.” But it’s like nothing.”

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With nobody talking and nothing but speculation as the result, it could be a perfect opportunity for a good business leader to gain ownership of the runaway train of gossip.

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