Notable ‘Upswing In Interest’ In WWE Product Right Now

11 months ago by Andy Datson

Notable ‘Upswing In Interest’ In WWE Product Right Now WWE

Pro-wrestling is not as popular as it once was, but that’s not to say it isn’t still wildly popular with huge amounts of people.

As a result of its dwindling popularity, slight increases in ticket sales and viewing figures are much more notable, and it seems WWE is seeing a slight uptick in interest.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer went into detail about how WWE is getting more interest than usual of late, and that, unfortunately, the same cannot be said for AEW.

He said:

“The one thing that was really notable to me is the WWE stuff was generally pretty decent. It was up a little bit, most of the shows. There’s a big one in Houston, very big advance for a TV taping. The (Madison Square) Garden’s up. Most of the shows are up.

“AEW, most of them are down a little bit, most of the recent ones. The debuts obviously have been huge – the Detroit debut was very strong, obviously Los Angeles debut couldn’t have been better. But the cities that they’re going back to, they are down. The AEW stuff to me is kinda understandable when most of the top guys are out of action right now. There’s so many injuries, so that’s gonna hurt a little bit.

“But WWE being up was interesting to me. Almost across the board, whatever they are doing… another interesting thing about that is they’re up (and) one of their biggest drawing cards Roman Reigns is not even on these shows other than Nashville (SummerSlam), which is doing pretty well.

“Whatever it is, there’s definitely an upswing in interest in the product, for whatever reason. So that was kind of an interesting thing to see.

“The ratings of WWE have been up… WWE is on an upswing right now, so they’re doing something right, whatever it is.

“Also at the Vegas show on Saturday (Money in the Bank), they did monster merchandise numbers in Vegas. They had a hot crowd as well, but they did monster merchandise numbers. It was blowing people away. It was like double per head what they did last year at SummerSlam in the same market, which is incredible because when you have those big shows like SummerSlam or WrestleMania, the merchandise sales are way up from a usual show, and this was just a regular pay-per-view compared to a SummerSlam.

“So a lot of good news for WWE on the popularity front right now, so they are satisfying and growing their fanbase right now.”

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Meltzer did make sure to bring up that WWE’s recent increase in ratings is partly due to the Vince McMahon controversy a couple of weeks ago, and last week’s Raw was John Cena’s return, but it’s not like that takes away from the fact that they were great numbers. In fact, the Riddle vs Roman Reigns match actually did a better number than Vince McMahon’s appearance on that SmackDown anyway.

No matter which promotion you like best, let’s all just be happy that any form of pro-wrestling is getting more fans interested in watching.

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