Numerous Changes To AEW TV Schedule Coming?

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

Numerous Changes To AEW TV Schedule Coming? AEW

While AEW’s programming has been strictly Wednesday’s and Friday’s in the recent past for Dynamite and Rampage respectively, the schedule has changed in recent week’s with the addition of the AEW: All Access reality show following Dynamite.

As well as this, there is also the rumors of a new Saturday wrestling show coming, perhaps as soon as this summer.

While there have been no concrete updates on this from AEW themselves, it does seem that it may not be the only changes coming to AEW’s weekly programming soon.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer would reveal a number of time slot changes for both Dynamite and Rampage across the next few months.

The reasons for these changes would largely be due to other sporting events such as the NBA and NHL playoffs as well as games for the US National Soccer team.

While changes such as these can often result in ratings taking a hit, in some cases Meltzer states that they could end up benefiting AEW.

Meltzer revealed:

“This week Rampage should do a pretty good number on Friday, it’s supposed to start after the NBA playoff game, which could be as early as 9:30, could be a little bit later.

“It may be an earlier than normal start, but with that big lead-in, it really should do its best number in a long, long time because they haven’t had a big lead-in like that in forever, so it’s beneficial.

“And then Wednesday, the show will be normal time-slot in most of the country, but on the west coast it’s gonna be at 5pm rather than 8pm, because they’ve got US against Mexico soccer that’ll be at 10pm eastern and 7pm pacific, so there gonna go with a staggered feed on Wednesday.

“And then the following week is the one where it’s gonna be moved to Saturday night.

“It’s gonna be like this with NHL playoffs and NBA playoffs, there’s gonna be a lot of bouncing around with the schedule of Rampage more than Dynamite, because it’s on TNT which has the basketball and the hockey playoffs, they’re gonna be bounced around a lot for the next couple of months, through June.”

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