NWA vs. ROH Match Announced For NWA Hard Times

3 years ago by Nate

NWA vs. ROH Match Announced For NWA Hard Times

Tonight on NWA Powerrr, it was confirmed there would be a match between an NWA wrestler and an ROH wrestler at NWA Hard Times. However, it’s not the match many of us were probably expecting.

Nick Aldis will be facing off with a member of ROH’s Villain Enterprises, but it’s not Marty Scurll. Flip Gordon will be facing the NWA Worlds Champion at Hard Times.

Nick Aldis and company made appearances at both ROH events this past weekend. He attacked Marty Scurll at ROH Center Stage. Then, at Honor Reigns Supreme, Aldis crashed the announcers’ booth only to be run off by Gordon and Brody King.

ROH and NWA had reportedly ended their working relationship in 2019. However, it appears the relationship is back on.

Of course, this probably has a lot to do with the reported deal Marty Scurll has signed with ROH. It seems to be confirmed he is at the very least on the creative team and potentially the head booker.

Whatever the case, Scurll’s contract, and resulting duties seemed to have created a bond back between the two companies. This could be setting up a matchup between Aldis’ faction in NWA and Villain Enterprises.

Or, maybe we could see Marty Scurll getting another shot at the NWA Worlds Championship and defending it on ROH Events and television.  Partnerships like this are always interesting to follow and WrestleTalk will keep you up to date on the latest news from each company.

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