NWA’s Billy Corgan Claims Nick Aldis Is ‘Working An Angle’

5 months ago by Dave Adamson

NWA’s Billy Corgan Claims Nick Aldis Is ‘Working An Angle’ NWA

Nick Aldis recently stated that he’d given his notice to NWA and, as a result, received a suspension from the company.

In response to these events, NWA owner Billy Corgan has spoken to Busted Open Radio, accusing Aldis of ‘working an angle’, saying:

“What is this? He’s working an angle

“He’s working an angle. I don’t know what the angle is, but why?”

Expressing his exasperation at the situation, Corgan questioned Aldis’ motives, saying:

“Why would you build up a company, put your name on a company, put your face on the poster and on the way out of the door goes, ‘Ah, to heck with it?’

“It doesn’t make any sense because in a way he’s burying himself.

“Why would Nick Aldis be willing to bury himself on his way out of the door?

“Because he’s doing something. It’s so obvious.”

Corgan would go on to explain that there was no animosity between NWA and Aldis over his intentions to leave and that he wanted what was best for the NWA.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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