NXT Anonymous Footage Shows Edris Enofe FAKED WWE Logo Tattoo?

NXT Anonymous Footage Shows Edris Enofe FAKED WWE Logo Tattoo? WWE

It has been weeks since WWE NXT star Edris Enofe caused a bit of a stir on social media.

Edris took to Twitter to show himself in a tattoo parlor, ready to get a new tattoo; the WWE logo on his chest.

Since the video was uploaded, fans have speculated about whether or not Edris’ tattoo is actually real in what is being dubbed by many… ok maybe just me, as ‘tattoogate’.

Edris has wrestled his matches in recent weeks in a t-shirt, seemingly to cover up the tattoo, and uploaded a video of him taping up his shoulder ahead of last night’s live event, strategically covering up where the hypothetical tattoo would be, should it exist.

In a major twist in tattoogate, NXT Anonymous, the new Twitter account set on exposing the ‘secrets’ of NXT, uploaded a video showing Edris FAKING his tattoo.

The video shows Edris in the locker room prior to last night’s NXT live event, drawing the logo on his chest.

Say it ain’t so.

Edris didn’t seem happy to see this footage circulating, and he responded to the anonymous person, simply saying:

I’m gonna ask again. Take this down dude…

Edris then shared DMs that he sent to anonymous, asking them nicely to remove the damning footage, saying:

You’re s***ty cause I even asked respectfully and you keep ignoring.

Edris really doesn’t want this footage getting out there it seems, yet here I am writing a news story about it. Sorry Edris.


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1 year ago by Connel Rumsey



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