NXT Call-Ups Confirmed For WWE Draft 2023?

1 month ago by Amanda Savage

NXT Call-Ups Confirmed For WWE Draft 2023? WWE

Were two NXT call-ups just confirmed for the WWE Draft 2023? Find out what happened during a first ever match tonight.

There was a WWE first ever match at tonight’s NXT Spring Breakin’ (April 25) between two big tag teams with seemingly one team being written off NXT by the end.

Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince and Kit Wilson) took on Stacks Lorenzo and Tony D’Angelo in the first ever trunk match in which the winner will be determined when one team is shoved in the trunk of a classic car close to ringside.

However notably, both members of the team need to be put in the trunk and have the lid closed.

When Pretty Deadly was able to get Stacks Lorenzo inside the trunk, unfortunately things quickly went awry!

When they went back to open it, instead Stacks struck using a giant fire extinguisher to blast Pretty Deadly.

With a crowbar to Kit Wilson, he fell in the trunk and then Elton Prince fell victim after being driven through a table.

At the end of the match, the Family drove off with Pretty Deadly still in the trunk, which could be seen as a move to write them off of NXT television.

By the end of the episode, they appeared to be written out completely with Tony D’Angelo and Stacks Lorenzo noting that they were “sleeping with the fishes.”

For reference, last time the Family made a man sleep with the fishes, he popped up in AEW shortly thereafter. 

Although it’s more likely that Pretty Deadly are sticking to WWE, rather just getting called up to the main roster.

Pretty Deadly have been rumored to be pitched for a call-up to WWE Raw during the forthcoming WWE Draft.

Another NXT star potentially teased a call-up after losing at Spring Breakin’ – read about that at this link.

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