NXT Star Recalls Fan Reaction To Controversial Segment

3 months ago by Ryan Coogan

NXT Star Recalls Fan Reaction To Controversial Segment WWE

NXT star Cora Jade has opened up about her experiences following a controversial segment which received some backlash from fans.

In the segment, Jade recreated the famous WCW moment where Alundra Blayze threw the WWE Women’s Championship in the trash, by doing the same to the NXT Women’s Tag Team Title belt.

Jade received some backlash for the segment, which was viewed by some as disrespectful.

Speaking on the Mark Moses Show, Jade spoke about fan reaction to the segment:

“I looked at my Twitter and I was like ‘I’m gonna close it’. As soon as I opened it, (I) closed it. They were pretty mad at me that day. You know what’s crazy? The other day I was driving and I was stuck in traffic and someone kept honking their horn at me.

“I looked up and it was somebody with a Mandy Rose Toxic Attraction sign out the window. They were just booing me. I was just in the front seat of my car and I was like ‘Is this actually happening right now?’ Even on the road they hate me.”

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Transcription courtesy of SEScoops.

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