NXT 2.0 Crowd Taunts Grayson Waller With ‘Johnny Wrestling’ Chants

NXT 2.0 Crowd Taunts Grayson Waller With ‘Johnny Wrestling’ Chants WWE

The NXT 2.0 crowd didn’t shy away from taunting Grayson Waller regarding the return of Johnny Gargano on last night’s WWE Raw.

After Grayson Waller had some harsh words regarding the return to WWE of Johnny Gargano, the crowd didn’t miss a beat in reminding him of his feud with the now main roster star, Gargano.

During his debut episode of his new chat show, The Grayson Waller Effect, featuring guest Apollo Crews, the crowd erupted in a chant for ‘Johnny Wrestling!’ 

To which Waller replied, much the same as his reaction to Gargano’s appearance on last night’s WWE Raw with a retort that Gargano wasn’t at NXT because he was too scared of Grayson Waller to come back there!

During the amusing segment, Grayson Waller was actually live on Instagram at the same time with some interesting interaction in the chat with Toxic Attraction’s Jacy Jayne writing, “Don’t forget to water the plants,” in apparent reference to her tag team partner Gigi Dolin’s recent injury. and their absence.

Also Carmelo Hayes, who either is teasing a feud with Waller or just loves an expertly placed emoji zing as he used both a door and a trash bin during the segment, amongst other insults.

Elsewhere on tonight’s edition of NXT 2.0 (August 23) saw a carryover from another storyline on last night’s Raw unfurl, possible confirmation that an entire faction is about to graduate to the main roster and contract signings for two huge Championship matches at NXT Worlds Collide. 

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2 years ago by Amanda Savage



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