NXT Star Makes Main Roster Debut At WWE Raw

5 months ago by Amanda Savage

NXT Star Makes Main Roster Debut At WWE Raw WWE

At tonight’s (November 7th) WWE Raw, another fan favorite NXT star has made their main roster debut, find out who!

A talented woman by many names throughout her time in NXT (may it be Karen Q or Mei Ying) tonight was the night for Wendy Choo to make her main roster debut!

At tonight’s WWE Raw taping, Wendy Choo featured against Tamina for an upcoming edition of Main Event.

Wendy Choo has been a sleeper hit on NXT (pun intended) with her character shedding their cheerful vibes from backstage to show off a more vicious side whilst in the ring.

Wendy Choo recently competed in a match against NXT long reigning Women’s Champion, Mandy Rose by which she came up short in her title pursuits.

Another NXT star popping up to Main Event was Xyon Quinn.

While it isn’t technically his main roster debut, it is his main roster TV debut as Xyon Quinn as his other efforts on the main roster have been in a dark match.

He previously wrestled in a pandemic era SmackDown match under a former name.

What’s next for both Xyon Quinn and Wendy Choo? We’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

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