NXT Superstar Potentially Suffers Major Injury

2 years ago by Nate

NXT Superstar Potentially Suffers Major Injury

Tonight on NXT, a superstar has potentially suffered a big-time injury during the show. It looks like he may have suffered the injury during a post-match angle.

Holland faced Danny Burch tonight on today’s show. He beat up Burch during and after the match.

The post-match attack brought out Oney Lorcan. Lorcan did a big dive onto Holland.

Holland looked injured and the ref threw up an X. The arms crossed X signal is known for meaning a wrestler has suffered an injury that wasn’t planned.

They cut the cameras back to Lorcan and Burch in the ring. However, they ended up stretchering out Holland out.

Hopefully, Holland is okay and the stretchering was just a precaution. However, based on the Tweet above, it looks like the injury could keep him on the shelf for a little while. Holland appears to be in line for something major given how TakeOver ended with him attacking Adam Cole.

NXT hasn’t had a lot of luck this week with injuries. Another superstar suffered a broken jaw at TakeOver.

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