NXT To Remain At Full Sail Through March 2020

3 years ago by Tempest

NXT To Remain At Full Sail Through March 2020

After months of speculation about NXT leaving Full Sail University, it appears the yellow brand is set to stay put until at least March, 2020. The proposed move was supposed to help the presentation of WWE’s third brand. Considering they are going head to head with AEW, which runs in much larger buildings, a change of scenery may have been in order.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter said this on Wrestling Observer Radio:

“They’re pretty much committed to Full Sail through March. You know they were gonna — there was talk of going out in January, but you know now that they’re not losing in the ratings and it’s not an embarrassment you know, they don’t need to move. You know, if it becomes an embarrassment that’s a different story. Vince doesn’t like to lose… Right now they’re not blaming the venue because they’re doing okay.”

Climbing up the ratings and beating AEW on a few occasions seems to have cooled off WWE on the idea of taking the show on the road. Now that they are doing better head to head there is less of a need for a change.

We still know very little about what the AEW and NXT ratings mean. As we are only a few months in to the Wednesday Night War, things could change at any time. If AEW managed to pull ahead considerably, it is possible that WWE could reconsider a move.

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