NXT To Resume Touring In June Per More Sources

NXT To Resume Touring In June Per More Sources WWE

Echoing previous reports by Dave Meltzer, more sources have reportedly confirmed that NXT is looking to start touring again.

According to a report from POST Wrestling, they have numerous sources who have confirmed to them that NXT is set to resume touring next month however expected to remain primarily in the state of Florida.

This comes after previous reports of this change being likely but it remains without any additionally announced details.

The brand has not had a full tour since its ‘Black & Gold’ era. Per Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, there have been more serious talks in recent weeks about the brand’s return to the road.

Noting that plans aren’t yet set in stone, Meltzer said:

“There have been talks, and it’s not ‘official official’, but they are probably gonna start touring relatively soon. Of course I heard that last year, there was a time where it was about to happen and then they didn’t pull the trigger, but it’s back in the talking stage and serious talking and there’s, like I said, nothing official, but the belief is that they will be touring.

“I can’t imagine with this crew that they will tour nationally. I think it’s probably just the Florida shows, but that’s what I was talking about before – just run a couple of Florida shows, give these people some ring time, get them to learn how to wrestle in a non-television format and things like that.”

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NXT continues to air on Tuesday nights on USA Network which has recently announced the date for the next special edition of NXT 2.0 titled, In Your House.

You can view more details about the event here.

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