Odyssey Jones Reveals Advice He Received From John Cena

11 months ago by Liam Winnard

Odyssey Jones Reveals Advice He Received From John Cena

NXT star Odyssey Jones, who was the runner-up in this year’s Breakout Tournament, has revealed some advice he received from John Cena.

Jones has worked a few main roster shows throughout the last couple of months, some of which Cena was in attendance for. Probably a decent guy to get advice from.

Speaking on the latest edition of After The Bell about what Cena said to him, Odyssey Jones said:

“I’m fortunate, a lot of my dark matches were with Austin Theory and he’s a prodigy, he’s the truth, he’s awesome. Working with him was good for me because I haven’t been working for three years yet. To go to the back, the feedback is different because there are not a lot of people on the roster my size or working my way, so the feedback is different. To hear the mindset, psychology-wise, from people like John Cena, Edge, and even Seth (Rollins). To hear the things they say is huge.

“Even from psychology in the match, but being in the dark match early, I remember being in the back in Gorilla with John Cena prior to his first promo back, I was the dark match before, which is insane. I asked him what he’s thinking and he instantly looked at the screen and jotted off so much stuff. Some of it went over my head and maybe I’ll catch it one day, some of it seeped in.

“One of the things that seeped in was hearing the crowd chant. Before the show, some people were chanting ‘Cena sucks’ and you heard ‘Let’s go Cena’. He started rattling things off – I won’t give away all the tricks because it’s not every day you get to talk to John Cena – but he rattles it off, looks at the screen, and instantly popped up and saw people I didn’t see. I figured my eyes would be younger and fresher, but I don’t have the eyes that he does for what we’re doing.

“He’s like, ‘Look at these kids here, this guy with the belt, he’s wearing my gear so I know he’ll (like me)’. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, this is insane’. Just started working the hard cam (laughs). He’s getting in there and throwing me this stuff and I’m like, ‘Woah’.”

Jones’ last NXT appearance was this past Tuesday as part of the Indi Hartwell/Dexter Lumis wedding, and the fact he’s already had plenty of main roster dark matches shows how highly thought of he is.

Don’t be surprised to see Jones a hell of a lot more in the new incarnation of NXT.

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