Omos Recalls Embarrassing Himself In Front Of The Undertaker

9 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Omos Recalls Embarrassing Himself In Front Of The Undertaker

Many WWE Hall of Famers and legends have stopped by the WWE Performance Center over the years, either to serve as guest coaches or just to watch the next generation of WWE talent.

Of all the stars in WWE history, the one most people would not want to embarrass themselves in front of would be The Undertaker, but that is the fate that unfortunately befell former Raw Tag Team Champion Omos.

Speaking on Rasslin’ with Brandon F Walker, Omos recalled the embarrassing moment when his pants ripped, and his backside was exposed in front of The Undertaker, Batista and other WWE legends and trainers.

Omos said:

“Yes, that did happen. So, at the (Performance Center) we have events that we call ‘PC Lives’. And the day before the PC Live, this was I think, right before the Mania in New York. Everyone came down and came to town. It was just like ‘You know what? We’re doing that tomorrow, if you have any dress up attire, bring it.’ As you can tell, I like my pants skinny, and I had skinny dress pants. I put them on, and (they said) something about rehearsals. You’re going to hop over the top rope. I did it one time, and I’m fine. I did it one time and they said ‘You have to do it again.’ I said ‘Brother, my pants are going to rip.’ And they said ‘Oh no, no.’ I did it again and I got comfortable. And the fourth time I tried to go, it rips, literally.

“I’m just like, ‘What am I going to do?’ I can’t go home; I don’t have another pair of pants. Let’s go on with the show. So, the whole time I’m doing the show I’m standing at ringside and my whole backside is just exposed. They have Undertaker, Batista, Hunter. Everybody’s there. And my butt is just hanging out.”

Luckily for Omos this incident did not occur live on Raw, or else his intimidating presence on the show would have been in instant tatters, just like those poor pants.

transcription via WrestlingInc

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