Original Money In The Bank Winner Plans Seemingly Revealed

11 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Original Money In The Bank Winner Plans Seemingly Revealed WWE

Tonight is the 2022 edition of the Money In The Bank premium live event, with seven men looking to be the one to climb the ladder and pull down the briefcase.

The seven men in question are Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Omos, Riddle, Sami Zayn and Madcap Moss, and there really is no outright favorite of the bunch.

The original advert for the show featured Cody Rhodes standing in the middle of Allegiant Stadium, which was to be the venue hosting the show before it was moved to the MGM Grand Arena.

So the show is going ahead without Cody and without the stadium that were originally advertised, which has seemingly caused a giant shift in WWE’s plans.

Per WrestleVotes on Twitter, who spoke to a source in Vegas ahead of tonight’s show, WWE is confident that tonight’s show will deliver, but it’s a ‘far cry’ from Cody winning the briefcase in an NFL stadium.

They tweeted:

Spoke to a source in Vegas just now about tonight’s MITB. Their words to me were “this show is a far cry from Cody winning the briefcase in an NFL stadium”… however, they are confident it will deliver.

While we will never have official confirmation, this seems to be as close to confirmation as we can get that the original plan was for Cody Rhodes to win the match before he went down with a torn pec.

Cody is one of many WWE stars currently sidelined with injury. For a full list of currently injured WWE stars, click here.

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